Mythology The Game by Sababa Toys RARE Board Game in BORONIA HEIGHTS, Queensland for sale

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The Mythology Board Game was scheduled to be released in 2008 but the collapse of its distributor, Sababa Toys, meant that it never saw widespread release. This game is a rare game and if you google it you will find out why and how much these games are selling for. This is a brand new game never opened so still sealed.
[From publisher's website:] Play the part of one of the mighty heroes of legend - Theseus, Perseus, Odysseus, Heracles, Jason, or Achilles - and work your way through the Labyrinth, battling opponents, slaying the fearsome Minotaur, and ultimately finding your way out of the maze. The Labyrinth rotates, so the challenges you face will change from game to game!
This is the fourth installment of Ology World games. The others include Dragonology : The Game, Wizardology : The Game, and Pirateology : The Game.
The game consisted of a quest for Heracles, Theseus, Perseus and Odysseus on a two-layer octagonal board. The aim was to get your hero to the centre of the maze and defeat the Minotaur before retracing your steps and escaping. During play, the top layer would be rotatated to reveal hidden areas.
This game is brand new in the box, never played with and never out of the box and never opened. According to the internet not many of these games were made and therefore It is suppose to be a collectors game and ranges from $50 to $75 used on the internet. I also have Pirateology brand new in the box never played for $30 in another listing and Dragonology played with the once in another listing for $20.
Comes from a smoke free home and pick up is from Greenbank QLD 4124.