JAC rare plants -nursery open by appointment in BORONIA HEIGHTS, Queensland for sale

JAC rare plants -nursery open by appointment
JAC rare plants -nursery open by appointment
JAC rare plants -nursery open by appointment
JAC rare plants -nursery open by appointment

we have large range of rare and unusual plants including ornamental trees, shrubs, bonsai starters, perennials bulbs, herbs and fruit trees which are hard to find in Australia
all our plants are perfect for the climate of S.E QLD and have been grown here at least three years for test before selling.
our address 52-58 andrew rd greenbank
mobile ******5176 + click to reveal 
please note, we only take cash, there is no credit card fercility
here are some of our plants in stock
maples -- acer palmatum -- japanese
acer buergerianum -- chinese trident
acer buergerianum var formosanum -- taiwan trident
acer rubescens -- snake bark maple
acer serrulatum -- taiwan green bark maple --- best autumn colour for SE QLD
azalea -- rhododendron oldhamii -- oldham or golden hair azalea -- heat and pest resistant
beauty berry -- callicarpa brevipes -- chinese callicarpa
callicarpa formosana
callicarpa remotiserrata
callicarpa hypoleucophylla -- endangered species from taiwan
prunus mume -- japanese apricot -- white cherry like blossom with striong scent and edible fruits
clerodendrum bungei -- rose glory bowler
clerodendrum paniculatum -- pagoda flower
chionanthus retusus -- chinese fringe tree- -stuning white flowers in spring
chimonanthus yunnanensis -- yunnan wintersweet
styrax formosana -- snowbell
alniphyllum fortunei
dichora verisicolor -- evergreen hydrangea
hibiscus mutabilis -- rose of sharon
hibiscus coccinea
bonsai starters -- blue junipers, tiger bark fig , corky bark elm, mulberry, maples, hong kong box, swamp cypress , japanese black pine
fruit trees -- citrus australasica -- finger lime
eriobotrya japonica -- loquat
hybrid chestnuts -- low chill and heat tolerant
achacha fruits
morus / mulberry -- true black and red
inga -- ice cream bean
guava -- psidium pyriformis -- pear guava
-- psidium eugeniaefolius -- purple forest guava -- extreme rare
-- psidium guineense -- brazilian guava -- straberry flavour
brazilian wine/ jelly palm
sterculia quadrigularis -- native peanut tree
berries -- taiwan raspberry , winter raspberry, creeping raspberry, chinese small leaf raspberry, young berry, native, indian strawberry
brazilian cherry
vege fern
akebia chocolate vine -- taiwan, japanese, hybrid,
citrus junos -- japanese yuzu fruit
annona muricata -- soursop
taiwan huckleberry
davidsonia -- davidson plum
ziziphus jujuba -- chinese jujube
herbs -- curry plant
true lemon grass
chinese kancur ginger
butterfly ginger
lemon myrtle
toona sinensis - -chinese cedar
chinese/ japanese mint -- very strong,
stone mint
perennials-- sage / salvia -- several hard to get species
south african blue flex
buddha grass
tricyrtis -- toad lily
solidago -- golden rod
creeping english buttercup
bulbs -- cobra lily
amorphophallus -- snake plant / voodoo lily
giant pink rain lily
climber -- parthenosissus -- boston ivy -- japanese / chinese / southern chinese
curtain ivy -- very rare plant from vietnam
porcelain vine